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The most important strategic plans for digital marketing

Paid Online Ads

Financed advertising on the Internet is considered one of the effective ways to spread a product or service in front of a target audience in a short time and for a large audience, as this service allows “paid advertising”, whether on websites or networks, many types of advertising formats. What is meant by the websites here are any sites that work independently, such as the Masrawy website, Yallakora, and many other major websites on the Internet, which allow advertisers to use advertising spaces through a direct agreement between the advertiser and the website or through his advertising agent, as for networks such as Google Advertising, which is considered one of the most widespread networks, also the Yahoo Advertising Network, Bing Network, and many other advertising networks. .

Social Media Management

Create relationships with customers and provide various marketing campaigns. Our services include the following:

Building social media strategies.

Create social media channels.

Writing social content.

Writing social content.

Interact with comments and notes.

Monitor and share comments.

Promotion through the social media accounts of Ain Riyadh.

Increase customers and sales support.

Professional photography of products or websites to enrich your presence on social networking sites.

Social website designs to support branding and services.

Regular analytical reports.

Web Analysis

It is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data on the Internet for the purposes of understanding and improving use of the Internet.

Web Analytics is not only a tool for measuring internet traffic but also a tool for business research, market research and shopping.

Web analytics can also measure the results and effectiveness of traditional and print advertising campaigns conducted by companies.

It is used to estimate how much website traffic will change after launching a new ad campaign.

The data you provide on the number of visitors to different web pages helps in determining the popularity of the pages, which helps in carrying out market research and identifying shopping trends.

Working with us means
achieving more

Mawq3i provides you with Digital Marketing services that depend on planning and developing precise strategies, to create new business opportunities for greater returns.

Where we study the labor market and competitors well, then we develop the most effective marketing plan that is in line with the service

Or the product that you offer, each site has its own customers and has its own way of Digital Marketing , its disadvantages and advantages

That can be used in digital marketing, we determine that after studying your website well

And if it has programming flaws or violates SEO techniques, we treat them immediately and make your website

compatible with Google, then we determine the most important keywords for your business and your website, and then we announce the website

Using the latest methods with specialists with long experience, you can achieve success on the Internet

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