How to lose more than1000 dollars in less than 60 days


I have to think about the validity of a contract with a marketing company that will keep the job for me and get me a lot of sales and likes

So I worked #training on many companies until I found the integrated company for Facebook ads, which will bring you more than a million likes in the first campaign
I made the call, sat in the meeting, agreed, and their prices were very sweet, $ 500 a month. I was very relaxed and fostered each other and returned to your home dreaming of many likes and responses, selling and dice can be left

On the other hand, the company starts making you a lot of ads, and business photos of you and your products, and they tell people to buy now and bake with them and talk to the Fans in the Commments and they respond to them with “Under your command, my regret” and “Our enlightenment is at 58 St. martyr Hamada Al-Hilf” and they do all the effort in The world

After 30 days, they stayed together and broke all the chairs in the world on top of each other because the company was investigating the business for you with more than 10 sales on some, and they saw that they did all that and more, and you are an “Egyptian customer” who does not understand the nature of their big job.

– Case Study happens almost every day, with different clients, companies and offers,

And because we, as a Marketing Agency, are completing the second year in the Egyptian market, we will tell you what mistakes you might make while you are in the market for your business or if you work in a Marketing Agency

Bring paper and pen !? And let’s go: –

* For ads
– You have to “define” the target group that you will target for your product. This definition includes

(Age – geographic location – gender – interests, which need precision and character – and it helps you to define the interests that you prioritize the Behavior of the people you are targeting)

– You need to go around and know the customers you are targeting, when they will be present on Facebook at all times in their day, in order to be able to activate the advertisement at the correct and appropriate times for them.

Do not repeat the same ad on the same post thirty times.

* For the content
– Facebook is not a nice place for “Saudi Company” ads or bridges, and there is no art or craftsmanship in your work. Design is meticulous. Big words summarized as “Come, buy the product with us.”

– The nice Caption, which does not exceed 140 characters on the image of this product, is not content, it can keep copywriting, it may remain improvisation, it is possible to keep any other need, but it is the content that is intended for the market for your business, the topic needs some effort.

* For Insights
– This point is especially if you are a business owner, you will not know you will benefit from it as effectively as if you were a person who works in a professional Marketing Agency, because it is Insights and analyzinthe g them accurately and professionally that will achieve long term sales that are going on.

Awareness … Awareness … Awareness … You download 2 Content without measuring the Insights between them. You literally throw your effort and the client’s money into the rubbish.

– In a new Tap, add to Facebook Pages, its name is Preferred Page Audience.

* For Responding
– Sure, you definitely take the same Reply and make it Copy & paste on all the comments. This is no response, the truth is it has other names, but I will not mention it here because this is a respectful article: D

– As in reality, nobody will talk to you if you want to answer him, because Facebook in its response will not tell you if you cannot. You treat them as being different from each other, and every person has his question and has the purpose behind his question. Be smart and learn to learn from people the words that they will not be. You know what they say;)

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