The last time we talked about how to market your company and we told you to gather and write on paper all the resources that are with you and write every need you know about business so that we can begin to nurture it. Correct in a correct marketing plan.

Just because of the people who are equipped with these needs. We will help you and let you know exactly what we need and what will help us build an accurate marketing plan with which we guarantee the success of our company


The first need is to study the market well and see its needs before you download your product or service .. It means the product that will actually meet the needs of the people and satisfy them .. At that time you will know you can easily shop or develop an existing product .. Add a new need for this pureed product so that people can see you Different.

Study the competitors, draw the SWOT box, and write down the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor and the opportunities and threats to you and the competitors.


I studied the market and competitors ?? We start by specifying the segment that we will work on. We want to tell you that currently more than 70% of consumer goods remain targeting girls and women in marketing their products, because they are the decision-makers: D.

I know which segment we will work on and know their behavior .. I know what they like and what they hate ?? I mean, for example, if you target the youth segment, talk to them in a simple and smooth way, bring them into the trend that follows up on their feeling that you are your product of my youth, like them.


Now, it is necessary to determine, where will you go to the market and the consumers ??? How do you introduce them to your product ?? Certainly, after studying the competitors, I knew that they care about showing their products and services, where ?? But it is not the most important thing … the most important thing is that you know which category you are targeting, where are you?

on Facebook ?? Neither on TV nor on cars, so will you work as radio ??

You are the one who will be determined based on your study of the market … so study the market correctly so that you can pay money in a way that is profitable and beneficial with you.


Select the remaining target of yours .. and provide a little: D

Do you need to sell your product for one month? Ok, how many people need to buy the service with your money so that within your financial plan it will be a reward ??? Select the number remains, it is ok, and provide the target date for a while to ensure your access to it.

You must get in the habit of working with Target and the number in order to be able to measure your success or failure


We start by preparing our paper in order to know the budget, based on:

We knew the target that we need to connect … and we knew which segment to target is where … Ok marketing remains to cost us as much through effective marketing channels with us ??? If it is on Facebook, you must remain familiar with the average click or appear in the business for how much ??? Even if Brdo TV, you will answer the offer prices on the channels targeting your segment.

When we will define all the steps that have passed, we will reach a good stage that helps us build an accurate marketing plan.

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