يعني ايه الـ Speed Performance

Which means Speed Performance

Every time a website was fast and its performance was high, all users related to it the most .. Imagine that if you were browsing a site that was slow or very sure you would get tired of browsing and you will not continue

If we are going to talk about the speed of the site, then we will talk about two points:


1-The server

The more the server on which your site is located, its capabilities are good, the faster the site is. The more the data center on which your site is located is close to the area from which visitors are targeted, the less time the website takes to open it, the less.

2-The Website

What is the point for a server to be strong and the site itself bad?

You will not be able to choose a good server. You must adjust your site so that you have the best performance.

(Here are some tips that will help you to differentiate your site’s performance)


1-Browser Caching

When you come to browsing a site for the first time, you will encounter the site a little slowly after that, when you refresh the site, it will be faster. why?

Because the browser you use will make cache for some files, so that after that, instead of what it loads from the server again, every time he takes it from the cache of the browser

You need to adjust a need called Expires Headers


2-Enable Keep-Alive

This is the same as Signal that tracks every specified time. If your site is not on the logal, the site will be considered Down

You can read more information from here


3-Gzip Compression

Activating it will reduce the size of the response by about 70%.

Thus, it will make a big difference to your site speed

If you want to know more information, here


4-Landing Page Redirects Cacheable

At times when you can be a mobile copy agent from your site, you can switch from:




If it was Cacheable Redirect

It will make a very big difference with you in the speed of converting users

5-Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Woody are servers spread all over the world in different places. People visit some files for the site, such as JavaScript and Style files.

And you have most of the popular needs, like the jaguarians and bootstraps, which have files uploaded to ZD servers

Ok, what will you benefit from?

If you look over at the cache point, you will find me telling you that the browser loads some files and stores them, and after that, if they are there, then they load them from the browser instead of what it loads from the server again

Ok if you are a user of a famous library from


And User was the first user of the site of the same library, and the browser used to make cash before that from this site .. When he comes to open your site the browser will use the file in question in cash, and therefore your site will open with it much faster

6-Specify a Character Set

This means that you specify the codecs that your site will show

7-Minify Your Codes

If you open and browse a site, you will download images, javascript, and style files

If you are a worker

Minify For js and css Files

Sure, its size will get smaller and hence the time you will bear less and therefore your site will open faster

8-Avoid Bad Requests

I always make sure that the links that you consult with on the pictures and files are not tasty, so that the recost will not work for free, and therefore the site will keep taking time in need of an unnecessary need

9-Specify Image Dimensions

The times of your site appear in the form of a browser, and it appears again on a different browser.
Each browser has default criteria for the content to appear in .. So don’t let the browser think a lot about it handling the way the site will appear. One of the things you can do is adjust or size the images for you

10-Optimize Images

The times of your photos are such that they contain information that is not important to increase, and therefore a larger size in the space, so you can adjust the pictures in your

Check out this link


11-Put CSS At The Top And JS At The Bottom

It is better if you place the style files on the site from above and the JavaScript files below

This makes a lot of difference with you in the speed of the site. If you want more information, see these links



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