Web analytics is more than just installing a script on a website and setting up a monthly report to show the number of visitors on your site. Web analytics requires analysis. The numbers that your analytics tool delivers must be interpreted before they have any real value for making informed decisions. Thorough usage of analytical data provides a much greater understanding of the users on a website. This understanding of users is crucial to developing an online strategy for any website. Whether your goal is to tailor the website to the user’s needs or to get users to change their behavior, what’s important is to know how the users use the website right now. This allows you to optimize your online strategy and define future goals.

1 – Measure

When it comes to measuring website activity it is easy to just look at traffic numbers as we did back in the old days of the internet with the classic page counter (for those who remember the old days of the World Wide Web) but with analytics you are able to measure success in the same way you would any campaign or project with set target driven goals.

2 – Adapt

Once you have the goals in place and you are accurately measuring your sites failings and successes you have the information you need to help improve the site in small ways by adapting what you currently have to improve the site and help you to achieve those goals you have set for the site.

3 – Develop

Using analytics will allow you as a business to develop an effective digital strategy and also add new elements to your overall marketing/business strategy in to the future.

there are certain bits of analytical data which you can build in to your online strategy the first of which should be your sites referrals, in layman’s terms your websites friends; the ones sending traffic to your website. This information looks at where your guests come from outside of your SEO, this allows you to assess your social media impact on your site as well as that of blogs and external partners who are directing visitors to your site. When you have that information you can decide to build stronger links with external partners, include call to action links on social media or measure online advertising campaigns for success in achieving your goals helping you to gauge a ROI on those campaigns.

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