What is the difference between static and dynamic web design?

static website

The definition

Static web site


Static sites on the Internet are sites that appear simple, and simply information is sent, and this site can be static content،
This type of site does not contain the ability to change its data in a dynamic way or the “DataBase”

* The data can be updated through it and it is only updated by someone who has knowledge of how to develop the sites and he is the person who programmed the site.

* Static websites are the cheapest to develop, and many small companies still use this type of website according to the type of business they have.


Dynamic web site


This type of website is considered more developed than static sites, on the other hand, it can be more expensive to develop at first, but it has many advantages..

A dynamic website can give the website owner the ability to simply update and add new content to the website.

For example: News and events can be published to the site through the site’s control panel
(Admin area) through which the databases are updated easily, as they allow the addition and continuous updating of pages and for this reason it is called dynamic sites, and the owner of the site or responsible for its management updates the site data through the always-secured control panel with a password that only the official in charge of the site administration knows.

Not only will you be limited to adding and updating content, but rather controlling the management system, e-commerce system, billboards, and the ability to control the user’s powers, whether by what the user offers to create content or add information to the site.


Static web site  

Quick to develop – low cost in relation to the price – cheap hosting – you don’t need to work on it much .

Dynamic web site


Practical – easy to update – its new content brings others to the site’s visibility – helps with search engines – can act as a collaborative system to allow employees or users to collaborate remotely.


Static web site


Requires expertise to develop and update the site
The content can only be updated by the website developers.

Dynamic web site


The most expensive in development
Hosting costs – slightly more than static sites.

programming languages

Static web site


HTML written entirely
Each page is a separate page and there are no rules for external data or files to be relied upon.

Dynamic web site


(PHP or .ASP) is typed in more complex codes like

The entire site management system can be controlled.

This means that you will be able to make updates without needing any knowledge

. HTML is any programming language

Which one should you choose?

Many people prefer dynamic websites because they are practical and flexible in dealing as they have many advantages, including reducing the costs of continuous maintenance of the site and managing the database with high efficiency without the need to refer to the web developer as it is completely safe and that is all compared to the sites with fixed content.

If you want to manage your site yourself, all you have to do is get a dynamic integrated website.

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